ABOUT NO MORE (A kind of long, but really cool story)

This EP was a work in progress for a couple of years (more if you count when I actually started writing music).


When I was 14, after talking with my current manager, Larry Ciancia (Carly Simon, Rumer, Ben Taylor), I went into the studio to record a bunch of my original songs. The producer at that time, Trevor Huster (The Samples), and I chose 6 of my fifty or so songs to focus on, and over the next year and a half, we recorded those six, plus made scratch takes of about a dozen others.

Once finished with the 6, Larry and I chose two of them: gravity and hush, for my upcoming EP. Gravity is cool with its effects (like the radio voice after the bridge) and its awesome bass drop. I wanted a more acoustic sound with hush and wasn't finding it, and one day during a session, Trevor just sat down at the piano and played along with my vocals, and it worked. He is super talented, and plays all of the instruments on both songs. Thanks, Trevor!!


Larry and I knew we needed a least a couple more songs though, so we went back to the list.


One of my favorite songs, no more, kept coming back to the top, so I recorded a new vocal with Larry, and he sent it to Patrick Warren for instrumental creation and production. I cannot tell you how seriously honored I am that Patrick produced no more. He's an A-list musician out of LA who writes and plays for some of the top musicians in the world, and he took the time to create an amazing production of my song! I think Patrick's piano on no more sounds like Jessie's song, When She Loved Me, from Toy Story 2.  I love it!! Thanks, Patrick!!


We still needed another song for the EP, and Larry and I finally chose admit. This song was a relatively new one that I had written, and I was a bit unsure about the direction it should go, but Larry created an amazing beat with cool strings and a killer build to the outro. We recorded it at his studio, and he produced it into perfection. Larry's not only the best manager ever, but he's also an A-list drummer who has played and worked with A-list musicians for years. I am so grateful and honored to get to work with him!! Thanks, Larry!!

And that's the story.


Well, there were lots of hours of making sure the four songs by three different producers sounded great together (Thanks, Larry!!). And after being completely produced through Iris Records, there were hours of getting it up and out to every place you can listen to music (Thanks again, Larry!!).


And I also need to give a shout out to Adam Turner who created such an amazing cover for the album. Adam is an awesome professional graphic designer who believes in me; listened to my songs; and came up with this cover!! I love the colors and the sense of the girl (me!!) floating while saying, "No more!!" So cool! Thanks, Adam!!


And finally a shout out to my family, of course, who have supported and encouraged me every step of the way!! Thank you, family!!

It was such a cool journey to produce this album. I hope you enjoy listening to it!! And, if you come to one of my shows, I just might tell you who each song is about. Maybe. :)

Thanks for reading (and listening to my songs)!!

Britta :)